How To End Depression

How to end your depression-even if you have been depressed for years!

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How To End Depression



Being depressed makes life no fun

Like you, I know the feeling.  Waking up day after day with nothing to look forward to and wanting to do nothing but stay in bed.  Going nowhere in life and feeling as though the world is passing me by.  Accomplishing nothing.  Being nothing. Feeling like a complete and total loser and hating who I am.  Feelings of being inferior to others who actually have a life worth living.  The feeling of missing out on just about everything that life has to offer.

I thought that I had no hope of a future, and that life was meaningless.

Hello, and welcome to my website.  My name is Mike and I am someone who was depressed for well over fifteen years.  If you want to learn how to end depression, you have found the right place.  Using a handful of techniques that I discuss on this website, you can end your depression, just as I did about three years ago.  I have been depression free ever since.  No more thinking of myself as a piece of dog dirt or feeling suicidal.  No more wishing that I was never born, and no more feeling inferior to others.  I now look forward to each and every new day.  But just what techniques can you learn from this website that will help you to end your depression?

Technique #1-REBT

REBT is short for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.  It was discovered/ invented by Dr. Albert Ellis in the 1950s.  The focus is on how our belief systems create our suffering.  It maintains that our mental suffering, whether it is depression, anxiety, rage, or shame, comes from our attachment to unhealthy beliefs.  Learning how to find, dispute, and then replace those unhealthy beliefs with healthy ones is what I did in order to regain my mental health and well being.  I can teach you how to do this as well.

One unique thing about REBT is that, unlike other psychological therapies, a person who uses its’ techniques can often begin to feel better rather quickly.  Some therapies take months or even years to begin to be effective.  REBT typically works in a matter of weeks.  A second thing that makes REBT somewhat unique is that many, if not most of its techniques can be practised by a lone individual.  You will not need to pay large amounts of money or spend years in therapy to use these techniques.

But perhaps the most unique thing about REBT techniques is this: They work!  Unlike many other forms of therapy, there is a large body of scientific literature on REBT.  In study after study, it has been shown that Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is effective.  So, you are not going to be taking my word for anything- the studies prove that REBT delivers results.  If you want to learn how to end depression, you have found the right place.


But not just any old generic meditation.  The type of meditation that has helped me is one that specifically teaches you to learn how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions.  I cannot begin to put into words the feeling you will get the first time you realize that your anger, shame, and fear are dissipating like smoke in the wind.  You will start to feel as though the weight of the world is being taken off of your shoulders.  This meditation alone can help you learn how to end depression.  But if you use it in conjunction with the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy techniques, you will have a very potent combination that will almost certainly annihilate your depression.

Below I have listed the best pages within this site on REBT and Meditation.  I suggest that you do not take my word for it that the techniques are useful, but rather try them out for yourself and see what they can do for you.   If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them on my blog.



If this is your first time here, I suggest that you begin here to learn about the cause of depression

To learn more about Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a more thorough explanation can be found here: What is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy?

I suggest that you then go and learn how to attack the negative beliefs that are causing you to be depressed.

and then go here to learn how to attack depression


To learn the method of meditation that I used to overcome my sadness, anger and shame, I suggest that you begin here.

An alternate, longer explanation of the process can be found on this page: Using meditation to help with depression

To Learn How To End Depression

You will want to learn how to let go of unhealthy beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  An explanation of healthy vs. unhealthy emotions can be found on this page: Healthy vs. unhealthy emotions.  The REBT and meditation will give you the tools to stop clinging to the suffering inside of your mind.  Once you learn how to let go of unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you will have the world in the palm of your hand.  But, do not take my word for it- try the things that I am teaching, and see if they are of benefit to you.  What have you got to lose, aside from sadness, grief and despair?







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